What a great month for Norwex! As you think about the coming weeks and all the cleaning you need to do, remember - a Norwex consultant is ready to come clean your house when you host a party!  

Since it's such a FUN time of year, we have some exciting specials and offers for our customers ~ to show our appreciation for all you do!

The first one is our amazing winter specials.  To read the details, download this form by right clicking on it or left click on it to open it in your browser.

In addition to that, we are having a HUGE sale a week PRIOR to "Black Friday".  The early bird gets the worm... read all about it below.

I am so excited about the new Norwex products this summer!  

  • In brief, the white balls are our new WOOL Norwex dryer balls, for those who don't prefer plastic. (raising my hand)  
  • In front of those is the new Norwex child's toothbrush - and all toothbrushes can now be ordered by color!  
  • The toothbrush is laying on our new cloth with a scrubby corner.  How handy is that?  Just stick your fingers in the corner and the cloth won't slip off!  
  • And the black and white scarf laying on top of the blue cloth is a glasses/computer screen cleaning cloth guaranteed not to scratch.  You tie it on your purse handle and use it for your phone, and etc.  Brilliant!  To the right of that is the new colors for our kitchen cloths.  
  • You can also see two new Norwex skin care items in the middle...
  • That long green thing with a blue handle is a Norwex cleaning wand.  It's bendable, works kinda like the car wash mitt and attaches to the end of the mop for those hard - to- reach places.  Top of the ceiling fan, anyone? 
  • Behind that is the new Norwex toilet brush.
  • In the back left are the new reusable lunch/sandwich bags.  

Here is an online flip-book if you want to learn more about them... Contact me to order yours!  Have a catalog/online party and earn FREE product!
Two more gifts... for sales and sharing the business with others.  Do you see why I like working with Norwex?  Where else do you get a $65 Coach (the receipt was inside)

Yes, It's mid-April when I received this, but it is for the work done in March.  =)  Yet another reward from Norwex just for doing what I would have been doing anyway in order to build my business.  

I have been in direct sales for over 30 years and NEVER have I seen a company as generous as Norwex.  I am floored by how well they treat their consultants and their hostesses!  Simply amazing!

Steps 3 and 5 are pictured to the left.  This completes the FREE product I received for my Fresh Start... but that doesn't mean I won't get more!  Watch and see how Norwex continues to bless with FREE gifts!!

This one came out of order, step three and five are coming, but I wanted to post it since I already got it!  This if for achieving $2000 in sales (within 60 days).  I did it with 4 parties in 33 days.  Some consultants do it in ONE party!  WoW!

Here are the items included in this package:
  • 1 hand towel, latte
  • 1 Mediterranean olive oil salt scrub
  • 1 Marine Organics bathshower gel
  • 1 Marine Organics body lotion
  • 1 Timeless silk organic hand cream
  • 1 Naturally Timeless radiant eye cream
  • 1 Naturally Timeless face serum
  • 1 Timeless lip balm
  • 1 vintage body pack

On day 28 of being with Norwex, I earned Fresh Start Step Two, which includes the products you see listed to the left.  So much fun!  I will be sharing more product reviews in the very near future. I have been so swamped with parties and demos that I haven't gotten on here in a while.  

At every party I have done so far there have been people interested in joining the business.  People approaching ME to join my business.  It's creating quite a stir!

If you would like to know more about how to earn free product, receive a 35% discount on your own products, make a 35% commission selling products or learn more about cleaning with water - contact me at the page above and I will get right back to you!

Oh, I almost forgot to tell you!  I went to my first Norwex party in February, right before a MAJOR change in their back office software.  Long story short is, the party order got lost in the shuffle and just arrived today.  So Norwex, being the amazing and generous company that they are, sent every single person who filled out an order form, including the hostess and the consultant a FREE basic kit.  That's $480 of free product they sent out as an apology!  Wow!

I thought I would give you some idea of how very generous Norwex is...  I joined almost exactly one month ago and to date, these are the free products I have earned (in addition to my commissions):

Top left photo is the $50 shopping spree I received for joining at a Discovering Norwex Meeting.  I also won the "Red" envirocloth at a party and won the Norwex polish cloth at the Norwex Meeting.


Red Norwex envirocloth
Aqua Norwex Window/Polish Cloth
Norwex Cleaning Paste
Norwex Dishwashing Liquid
Norwex Fridge So Fresh

The photo to the right includes all of the FREE Norwex products I earned at my Launch Party.  A window cloth for each booking.  The $500 Hostess special, products for having 8 buying guests and a shopping spree based on 10% of sales...

Norwex Ultra Power Plus
Norwex Blue Kitchen Towel
Norwex Blue Kitchen Cloth
Norwex Might Mesh Pot Scrubber
Norwex Bathroom Scrub Mitt
Norwex Lip Balm
Norwex DIsh Mat
Norwex Hand Cream
Norwex Envirocloth
Norwex Vintage Body Pack
Norwex Window Cloth (earned 4, but 1 pictured)
Norwex Dish Cloth
Norwex Spray Bottle
Norwex Makeup Removal Cloth Set
The Norwex products pictured to the left were sent to me from the company FREE when I achieved STEP ONE in the Fresh Start incentive.  

Norwex Ultra Power Plus
Norwex Dryer Balls
Norwex Enviro Cloth
Norwex Tile Mop Pad
Norwex Refresh Odour Neutralizer
Norwex X-Large Towel
If there was ever an oven to test the Norwex oven cleaner on, it was my oven =)  It's propane, and the base of the oven is basically self-cleaning, but the door - well, that's a different story.  Since I don't use chemicals, the best I could do was, er, not very clean.  So, at my launch party, we heated the oven to 100 and turned it off, sprayed the oven and let it sit for 5 minutes.  The Norwex oven cleaner uses enzymes to clean, so it doesn't produce toxic fumes and you don't have to use the expensive self-cleaning option on your stove either.     After the 5 minutes, we scrubbed on the door a little bit with a Spirinette and then wiped it off.  Every single area that was sprayed looked NEW, except for the door.  But the door looked 95% better.  I think with one more treatment it will be completely clean!  I previously saw this done on an oven that hadn't been cleaned as long as my friend lived there and the whole thing looked new!  Once again, Norwex comes through with simple.  clean.  and no harsh chemicals!

It's nearly that time of year - time for spring cleaning.  I am really looking forward to it this year so I can see the difference in using my Norwex products.

I plan to launder my curtains with Norwex laundry soap.  Dust every nook and cranny, wall hangings, books, blinds, etc with the Norwex dusting mitt.  Clean all the windows with water and the Norwex Window Cloth. Scrub the entire bathroom with Norwex Blue Diamond and Norwex Descaler where needed.

Did I mention that I found blue ink on my son's wall and with the wet Norwex antibac envirocloth? It came right off!

Which Norwex products are you going to use for spring cleaning?  If you don't have any, we can help you.  We can do a skype party and you can earn hostess gifts or I can add you to an existing party and you can save on your shipping.  You can even become a consultant and earn 35% on your sales.  We have options for everyone!  Contact us today!